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Help your researchers analyze their citation network

Now quickly navigate from a citation report to a full results analysis giving you in depth understanding of researchers’ citation impact. See the people, disciplines, and journals where a researcher’s work is having the greatest impact.
What this means for you and your users:
  1. See how a researcher’s work impacts different disciplines
  2. See who is citing important research to quickly identify collaboration opportunities
  3. Get insight into the journals that are citing researchers’ work to uncover additional publishing opportunities
  4. Analyze citation trends by date, institution, document type, and more!
Discover the new Web of Science homepage
You have most likely noticed recent changes to the Web of Science home page and more changes are coming…including
  1. Introducing new usability enhancements to make Web of Science easier to use and navigate
  2. Simplifying and improving how you select databases, so you can more easily select the index that best suits your research needs
  3. Improving access to managing and running your saved searches and alerts
  4. Easier access to our training portal and our online help system
Funding integration improvements make Web of Science the most complete resource linking publications to funders

We have integrated funding data from Researchfish to enhance funder and grant number data on over 300k Web of Science records. This adds more depth and accuracy to the millions of records already with funding information—making the Web of Science the most complete resource linking publications to funders.
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